Monday, September 13, 2010

A quicky...

Lil Offical Dark Eldar blurb...


Nothing earth shattering, but after all this time, it's nice to finially nail down something from GW on this army...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


In the ongoing train derailment that is my Imperial Guard Blog, I give you, an ork...


Not a great picture, but you get the idea...

Had this guy sitting on a shelf mostly done, and got motivated to finish him. The conversion was fairly straight forward. Took the Blackreach warboss, repositioned the head a lil and shaved down the lower tusks so a metal jaw from the nobs kit could be fit on. Greenstuffed the lower barrel and added the nozzle of a flamer to that section of the gun, making it into a combi melta, and finally extended the boss pole and added a snake bits pole top.

Painting was fairly straight forward...lots of leather and earth tones on the clothing, P3 pig iron for the metal bitz, and knarloc green for the flesh. Everything received a coat of pure talent in a bottle..(devlan mud)..with the metal parts getting a lil badab black as well. Once dry, the flesh was lightly dry brushed with knarloc again, followed by a quick goblin green dry brush.

For the base, I went digging threw my bitz collection. In a box of space marine vehicle parts, I found the space wolf rhino door you see. It was a door that had been poped off of a model, and was already broke around the bottom edge. Scuffed it up a lil, shaved it up a lil here and there...added some bullet holes...and presto, neat base.

All and all...a very fun model.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free time, how I miss thee.....

Quick update. This past weekend marks the end of my busy seasion at work...woot!..time to take it easy for a bit. Did a lil painting...


Now to be honest, I've had this model semi done for a while now. Did some touch up work on it, gonna add a lil more detail when I get a chance, finish the gun....other than that, it's mostly done save for the base'n.

On the marine front, I found a scheme I like. Bone armor with deep red shoulder pad trim, chest eagle/details, helmet and backpack. Leather for the cloth on the model. Will post pick when I get the camera batteries changed...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


As anyone that knows me will tell you, I've got the worse case of adult ADD you'd ever wanna deal with. I can only stay completely focused on one project for so long before I need too do something else. With the guard, I've reached that point. I'm not done playing with them, I'm not done painting on them, just gotten to where I need too do something else for a lil while.

So, I went poking around. Like alot of you out there on the intrawebz, I've accumulated alot of crap over the years. Bits of this, bits of that. Alot of my extra parts are stored in plastic tackle box trays, as well as a rather large collection of models that are still on sprus. These are mainly from where I needed parts and found it easier to just buy the box at full price since a battlewagon bitz order for just what I needed woulda been close to that price anyway, and then held on to what was left over for future projects.

Where am I going with all this? I've got about 1500pts of marines laying around I could do something with...(sad, I know).. As a marine army is usually very limited from a color standpoint, It's not something that wouldn't be all that taxing to work on, but would be a nice break....and to be honest, I've never had a pure marine army in the 15+ years I've played 40k. My problem tho, is that I can't figure out how to paint them...

My issue lies with the unit/company markings and general color scheme. Alot of the marine chapters out there I like use company/squad marking on the lower leg/knee, and I really hate to paint those! Decals for those areas are somewhat limited as well. As for the colors, slot of the cannon marine chapters I like..(space wolfs, imperial fists)..use a paint scheme that's just nasty for me too easily duplicate.

Another issue is forgeworld. If this project takes off, I wouldn't mind getting a few forgeworld bitz, like rhino doors and such, to jazz up this lil collection, but those parts are somewhat limited for generic chapters...(raptor, imperial fists and the black templar doors being about the most general they get)...I could change the name/markings around on an existing chapter, but my inner fluff nazi just won't let me do that.

So that's where I stand..I need a marine chapter with a name/fluff that would let me borrow from another chapters forgeworld line that has a simple color scheme and squad/company/chapter marking limited to the shoulders/torso. Any Ideas?

On the painting front, I've been all over the place these past few days. Done a few Khorne bezerkers, a few marines. The exterminator leman russ is on the prep tables getting it's first coat of paint. Hopefully inking will happen by this weekend if I can stay focued.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Games Day stuff....

Been roaming the forums a lil getting tidbits on what was said at Games Day..

First up....a cool video of the 40k mmo...

...Kinda reminds me of WoW...but the idea of playing a tech priest sounds cool..

In forgeworld news, they've announced that the next two Imperial Armour books will be on the Badab wars. Go here for some rather nice pics the new models. Rumored release of the first book is 27th of september. Also announced was that the 11th IA book will deal with Eldar and Spacewolves. I'm a huge fan of the IA books, and own all but the first one. They've all been truely incredible reads and fantastic sources of fluff. Again, can't wait!

More info to be found on dakka .

On the painting front...I've done nothing. Work for me in august is just dumb. Way too busy, not enough free time. Hopefully will break out some paints soon and mabey do a lil on a neat lil side project I've been thinking of trying for a bit....will have too see what the future holds.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time to knock off the dust...

Been away a bit...sorry about that.

So, in the last two weeks have been good where 40k is concerned. On the 24th of last month, I got to play in my first tournament in 2 years, the 2250pt 40k meltdown hosted by the deathjesters gaming group outta knoxville TN. I won 1, lost two. Placed 18th outta 28. I can live with that, especially considering the army was only half painted at best. Here is what I took....

HQ: Company Command Squad

Capt. w/ Power Fist

regimental std, vox, medic, 2 bodyguards


5 Ogryn

10 Storm Trooper Squad
Flamer x1; Grenade Launcher x1;
sgt had pwn weapon


1st platoon -

Cmmand squad w/ power fist officer, vox and 3 grenade launchers
2 squads with autocannon and grenade launchers, vox
Heavy Weapons Squad with 3 Mortar

2nd platoon -

Command squad w/ power fist officer, vox and 3 grenade launchers
2 squads with autocannon and grenade launchers, vox
Heavy Weapons Squad with 3 Mortar

3rd platoon -

Command squad w/ power fist officer, vox and 3 grenade launchers
2 squads with autocannon and grenade launchers, vox
Heavy Weapons Squad with 3 Las Cannon
Heavy Weapons Squad with 3 Missile Launchers

Fast Attack:

1 Hellhound
Heavy Flamer; Dozer Blade

Heavy Support:

1 Leman Russ Battle Tank
Lascannon; Heavy Bolter Sponsons x2; Dozer Blade

1 Leman Russ Demolisher
Lascannon; Plasma Cannon Sponsons x2; Dozer Blade

1 Leman Russ Exterminator
Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter Sponsons x2; Dozer Blade; Pintle Heavy Stubber

First game was against a Space Wolf player. I don't recall the exact content of his army, but I know it contained one nasty unit of Thunderwolves. They got a charge off against two of the merged infantry platoons and my ogryn, breaking them all on the first round of combat.Things went down hill from there. I was able too hurt him atleast, but in the end I got tabled.

Second games was against my buddy Da Masta Cheef and his guard army. We had our usuall knock down drag out brawl. In the end, he was able to sneak out a close win...(revenge will be had..)..

Third game was against another friend of mine, Carl and his eldar. This was the one game outta all my games where everything just clicked. Second turn I was able to cut lose with all of my firepower and hurt him pretty bad. Time ran out half way thru the game, leaving me in control of the objective and netting me max point, but it was a deceiving win...with more time his tanks were set to hurt me badly...

So what did I learn from this tourney? First, I gotta wrap my head around my troop choices. I'm use too playing deathguard...have played them for 5-6 years now. Losing gobs of infantry like I did in that tourney scares me a lil. And I need to figure out what I'll do for objective holders I can rely on.

Second, I need to find a balance between movement and firepower. In my last game I had a turn where I just sat there and cut lose with everything I had, and man it was impressive! But in doing so I almost put myself in a spot where I would not have been able to capture the objective. It was only due to some luck order rolls that I was able to get a platoon in there and camp it in time to win when time ran out. Do I need to balance the platoons out a lil....static squads providing heavy weapons support and mobile squads lacking the heavy weapon so they are free too run around and grab area on the table for me?....or stick with the gun heavy platoons I prefer?....or scrap it entirely and get chimeras? things much playtesting will be needed...

What work were the tanks...and they worked in spades. The Space Wolf player was surprised at the hell a demolisher could cause, and went outta his way too silence it. The Exterminator was very nice in it's dual role of horde killer/transport killer....and the hell hound hurt Carl's rangers in our 3rd game.

This was probley one of the best run tourneys I've ever been involved in. Looking forward to there next one!

In other news, no pictures this week. I've been painting on some oygrn lately, and the exterminator I posted about is getting a base coat atm. Will throw something online this weekend too show off the progress.

That's it for now....sorry for the grammar/spelling mistakes...English pwns me sometime...;p...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

OCD and Modeling...bad mix...

You ever have that nagging feeling in the back of yer head something doesn't quite look right...? That was me when I looked at the last tank I posted about. The turret just didn't I fiddled around a lil...



I've never modeled up a vehicle with a copula gunner before...but I must say I'm pleased with the results so far. Arms lined up with the stubber quite nicely, with lil fuss. I broke out the drimel as well, widening the hole in the turret top so the hatch would fit flush. On the gunner itself, I found a resin head from the forgeworld shotgun vets that had a nifty pair of goggles on it's helmet...really makes for a nice tanker crewman.

Now, while messing with all that, it struck me I was back to square one, as I had an extra turret laying around now. After pondering a lil and a lil shopping spree at the local hobbytown...



I made a punisher turret....(The pics are trash I know, I'll be posting a better quality ones soon)...Was a simple conversion really. A 3/32" tubes cut into six 6" sections, positioned around a central solid 3/32"rod as the base. 5/16"diameter tubing was widen a lil using a rounded file...enough where the barrels would fit inside as you see in the pic. One section in the turret as the base, the other smaller section at the business end of the barrels as a lil shrouding. About an inch was hidden inside the turret, as anything longer sticking outta such a small turret just didn't look right. A lil green stuff around the base too fill in the gaps and presto, alternative turret for the other three russ hulls I have!

The rest of the turret was my usual raiding of the bitz box to gunk it up. Order some tamiya stowage kits off of ebay, and will probley add some of those bits too this old girl as well.

My next post will be early next week, and hopefully I'll have some coverage of the turney me and some friends will be attenting...wish me luck!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Papa JJ is da man!!!

So, a few weeks back, Papa JJ over at had a lil contest, and while I didn't win, I got one heck of a consolation prize...

a href="" target="_blank">Photobucket

....thats 1 forgeworld hellhound, one leman Russ, 2 cadian shotgun vet forgeworld upgrade kits and a cadian heavy weapons team!!!

Already put the Russ kit to good use, pairing it up with the exterminator turret from one of my earlyer posts....


..will glue on some stowage once I have the base coat on...probley some tarps over the sponsons and jerry cans in the back. I'm debating about poping off that top hatch and doing something different with it...made a tank commander manning the pintel mount.....not sure tho...hrmm....


I love the fact that this was an older russ kit, as the newer ones no longer have the road wheels included in the kit. I used about half the normal number of wheels you would usually use for those tracks, saving the rest later on for additional stowage. As you see here, they fit nicely on the rear locking compartment. Added in some packs and another tool box to the back of the turret as well.

Looking forward too painting this ol' girl up very soon...and thanks again Papa JJ!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another slow week...

Yep, life been alil hairy this week....again....(tho there is one big ol' bright spot thanks too papa JJ...will devote a blog post too that lil bit of happiness very soon!!!). Was able too get a lil bit of model time in tho.....


Like alot of my post, this one isn't finished. I wanna work in some regimental decals...(a nice lil XIII somewhere would be nice)...will wait till I figure out what high lighting I want in there...


Purchased some Cadian upgrade bits from forgeworld a while those backpacks. Been working them into the army here and there. Makes for a nice lil splash of "different" when you take the time to look the army over.


The head is from the same kit...kinda like it. I'm thinking I'll tack on a helmet on the belt along with some pouches/grenades....sorta give him the look of being out in the field for an extended period...Will post more pics once I've gotten to that stage.

In other news, got a 2250pt turney in about a week. There is apparently no painting requirement....sorta. They aren't requiring you to have the army completely painted to play in the turney, but you will take the usual hit in the over all and best army category. Since I'm not worried about winning, I'll be taking the guard instead of my more complete painted chaos plague marines. Should be fun, but I'm struggling to flesh out the points for 2250. Gonna have too raid the bitz box this week and flesh out the platoons a lil.

well, thats all for now. Will post the big news..(thanks too papa JJ)...very soon...!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just a quicky...

Been busy this week, but was able to get this done...



It stands a lil high, but I still love this model..can't wait to get it on the table...

Played a lil Heavy Gear against Da Masta Cheef last night...was an interesting experence. I love the fluff of heavy gear, just have never gotten my head around the mini rules. Kinda reminds me of classic battle Tech for the depth of rules the game has...will post some painted pics of the gears I have soon.

Like I said, just a quicky tonight....Hopefully I'll have more to chat about next time.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Converting a leman russ turret...

Found an old turret while getting some models together for an ebay auction...and had a moment of inspiration. Figured i could raid the bitz box, cut up some guard heavy waepons I had...


Presto.....Cheap, easy exterminator.....



I have some stowage to add to the back of the turret once I have the base coat and inking done...may pop the hatch lose and see about putting a tank commander in there as a "counts as" for pask. Will have too see..

Gonna start looking for an older russ on ebay that will fit this turret's turret ring. will make a nice 3rd tank to round out my 3rd heavy slot.

Also got a chance to start my first sentinel today...


Always loved this model....really cool lil kit. My intent is too run several as a flanking force to threaten any fire support my opponet may have hidden in his backfield.

Got the gloss coat drying atm, will look to do transfers tommorrow....hopefully weathering by the weekend. eventually I need too get around too basing this stuff as well....

Thats it for now....o/

Saturday, July 3, 2010

First game with the guard...(edit - added pics at the end...)

The 13th hit the table last night for the first time. Unfortunately, no pics to be had. Forgot my camera, and can't figure out how to get the pics I did get with my phone transferred off the dumb thing...

Oh well, here is what I took.


Company command section-
Captain w/ powerfist
regimental standard
2 bodyguards

1st platoon

command section
lieutenant w/ powerfist
vox, 3 flamers

3 squads with grenade launchers and autocannons. 1 squad had a vox.

1 mortar squad

2nd platoon.

command section
lieutenant w/power weapon
vox, 3 grenade launchers

3 squads, each with vox, grenade launchers and autocannons

1 Mortar squad
1 las cannon squad

Leman Russ demolisher w/ sponson plasma cannons and las cannon

Leman Russ w/ sponson heavy bolters and las cannon

and lastly, a hell hound....tho I forgot about taking this and never used it the whole game.

My opponet was Da masta Cheef from over at the Da long wayz dezert groop blog . He played his traitor guard army...(standard guard army with lots of forgeworld traitor guard bits). I'm blanking on his exact army list, but I do remember it being light on infantry, with one hellhound, one banewolf, one russ and a basklisk..along with a couple chimeras.

Table was 4' x 6' city fight board with lots of terrain. Scenario was the objective one from the rulebook...(it's 8am brain isn't working yet...)...with 5 objectives on the board. Objectives were spread across the table nicely, with one about about 12"-13" in from each corner, and the 5th in the center of the table.

Cheef got the first turn, deployed across the table, with his vehicles in as much cover as possible and still providing good firing lines.

I deployed, from left to right, 2 squads from 2nd platoon in cover near the objective on that side of the table, along with 2nd platoon command section and a squad of mortars backing them up. The standard russ was deployed here as well, as it's longer range weapons could take advantage of the lighter cover this side of the table.

Center of the table had 1st platoon deployed as a single squad. Backing them up was the company command squad and the lascannon sqd, as this provided the best feild of fire to go after cheef's more centerally deployed basklisk and russ. 1st platoon's objective was to walk onto the center capture point and hold it as best they could with the fire bases in the corners providing supporting fire.

On my right, in the heavier terrain, was the 3rd squad, 2nd platoon in cover near that sides objective backed up by the Demolisher, 1st platoon's command squad and the last mortar squad.

Now I had planned on doing one of those fancy turn-by-turn battle reports...but like my camera, I forgot to take notes. Long sorry short, I won, tabling him on turn 7. Lost 1st platoon early too a bad moral check. Captain advanced thru midfield to contest the center objective, eventually getting into a nasty lil hand to hand combat vs Ceef's HQ. Corner object held there points nicely the whole game...tho sly marbo and a hellhound made a mess of the left flank for a while.

Was able to seize the initiative, which allowed me to take out the basklisk early, and suppress the other leman russ till I could kill it in the middle turns. Think it got one shot off, making a mess of one of 2nd platoons squads along the left flank. Mortars made a mess outta his infantry. Really liked how those preformed. Of all things tho, I had a hard time killing his hellhound...dumb thing just wouldn't die.

I made a few rule mistakes, and it took a bit to get use to the orders. I do like the order system tho, adds a nice lil twist to the army. Wasn't to impressed with the infantry squads. Basically, they were just bullet magnets all game holding objectives. Was expecting a lil more outta the autocannons..(a friggen shaken or stunned result woulda been nice)...but they did zip all game. Tanks preformed nicely, no complaints there.

If I were too change anything about this list, it would be to somehow work in a lil more long range anti-tank firepower.....mabey another lascannon sqd.

Well, thats it for now....will mabey post again the first of next week with pics of the sentinel scout walker I'm working on atm. Till then, o/...

Edit - Lil update...Cheef found pics of the fight friday night..


Cheef's army is in the forground...this is at the end of turn 1, and cheef has already lost the basklisks...


Cheef's deployment zone...


My deployment zone...

Hopefully, better pics will be ha nxt time.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Demolisher WIP...

When I started this army, one of the things I wanted to do was make use of this old relic....


This Russ hull is all thats left of my first 40k army, a Guard army I started when 3rd edition first came out. It's been sitting at the bottom of a bitz box for most of a decade now collecting dust.

The orginal turret is long lost, so I went on ebay and found a lightly used forgeworld demolisher turret to replace it. After digging thru the bitz box I also found the orginal sponsons with plasma cannons.

Raided the bitz a lil more for the plow and other tidbits.....grabbed some tamiya 1/35 scale packs and jerry cans, as well as the cadian resin packs....a lil paint....




Still tinkering with it a lil....but I like the progress so far. After looking at the photos, think I'm gonna go back with the pastels and and drybrushing to work on the shading in a few places.

The white around the transfers isn't glare, it's a lil white pastel powder used to, I hope, give the effect of washed out paint. Not sure I like it yet, will have to see.

The mud on the plow and tracks is from a tamiya mud pin..(wonderful lil thing)...and in person it gives the effect of looking like real mud.

See ya later this week.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Say yer prayers...


Been bouncing around hobby-wise doing different models this week. Was able to get the a good chunck done on my company priest for the guard is a lil yellow, but with the rest of the army being sorta drab, so I don't mind a lil color here and there.

Here is a group shot of the army as it stands now...


Most everything is atleast primed...gonna work on inking the cloth for that second platoon this week.

The demolisher in the back is accually almost done. Hopefully will have pics of it tommorrow or early next week.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Officer done(ish)

Finished painting the Capt. for my army this weekend...


Photo quality isn't the best, gonna have to work on my camera skillz...

I did the shoulder pads red instead of green to match the chest piece after noticing the cadian officer on the front cover of the guard codex wore red shoulder pads. While not the smartest thing to do in real life....("just shoot the idiots with the red on"..) does add a really nice splash of color to the army.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Needs more Jerry Can!

So I was looking at the back end of the leman russ you see in the first post thinking "what can I stick in that stowage area?"...hate how open and bleh it looks. Was poking around the local hobbytown looking for something that would work, and came across these....


You get 18 cans for around $15. Scale is a lil off for GW minis, but too bad...


Left can comes from the gw vehicle spru, right one from the jerry can kit. There is writing on the can side, but that should be easily hidden with a lil green stuff and proper placement. They fit nicely in the stowage area and should add some nice detail to the tanks.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I h8 saturdays...

Work sucks sometimes...really, really sucks. No painting to be had this evening, so I thought I'd live a lil vicariously thru a quick blog is a recently painted hellhound....


Still got a lil shading/inking to do on the barrel...and I wanna try some black pastel dust applied to the engine exhaust...will post pics when I get back around to working on this a lil....

Friday, June 18, 2010

Of pink unicorns.....

So, here we go....first post! Let me start by saying I have no clue what I'm doing. I've been painting on this guard army of mine for about 6 months (give or take) and thought it would be cool to document it a lil, outside of that this blog will probley wonder about aimlessly covering a wide range of've been warned...

But I digress, onto the topic at hand. Imperial Guard. This army is one I've been wanting to do for a long, long time. I've bought bits and pieces here and there for the last 3-4 years, stockpiling infantry and vehicles, even had fluff and regimental names already worked out...but never seeming to find the time to get the project rolling till recently. At one point a good friend of mine referred too this "project" of mine as "The Pink Unicorn" because he thought there was a better chance of seeing a pink unicorn than this army of guard I kept saying i had...

Progress these last few months has been good, with a large chunk of the army being primed and ready for paint. Here is a tank I've been working on...


This is a pretty simple paint scheme. Knarloc Green over a black base coat, devlin mud washed over the model, then a light drybrush of knarloc, followed by a very light drybrush of the menoth base white (i think that's the name) from the p3 paint line. Decals are applied at this point.

From there, dark brown paint of varying shades is worked around the track areas in a mud spray pattern as one would expect to see on an actual vehicle. Next, Pig Iron Metal (p3 version of bolt gun metal...very nice metal color imho) is applied to the guns barrels and plow, as well as certain areas of the tank where appropriate. A matt varnish is applied once everything is dried.

Finally, the weathering stage. Once the varnish is completely dry, brown colored pastels were shaved to a fine powder and worked in the the crack, crevices with an old paint brush and smeared around to give the effect of a very dusty tank. If you've seen the forgeworld weathering powders, this is a very similar process with good results without the high cost...($8 pastels vs $35 dollar forgeworld powders)...

Hope the 3-4 people who will see this post enjoy it...feel free too comment.