Saturday, June 19, 2010

I h8 saturdays...

Work sucks sometimes...really, really sucks. No painting to be had this evening, so I thought I'd live a lil vicariously thru a quick blog is a recently painted hellhound....


Still got a lil shading/inking to do on the barrel...and I wanna try some black pastel dust applied to the engine exhaust...will post pics when I get back around to working on this a lil....


  1. I really like how this tank is coming along. Now I'm feeling inspired to experiment with using pastels to weather my tanks. Looking forward to seeing the progress of your Guard army.

  2. Thx! I got this idea from a model railroad magizne article on how to weather rolling stock. If I can find it i'll post the mag name and issue number, as the article explains the process much better than I have.

  3. Nice to see another IG blog! It looks really nice so far, especially this Hellhound - I've been wanting this model for a long time, it looks great with the huge tank on the back!

    Great work on the weathering, it gives an excellent 'used' look to things!