Friday, June 18, 2010

Of pink unicorns.....

So, here we go....first post! Let me start by saying I have no clue what I'm doing. I've been painting on this guard army of mine for about 6 months (give or take) and thought it would be cool to document it a lil, outside of that this blog will probley wonder about aimlessly covering a wide range of've been warned...

But I digress, onto the topic at hand. Imperial Guard. This army is one I've been wanting to do for a long, long time. I've bought bits and pieces here and there for the last 3-4 years, stockpiling infantry and vehicles, even had fluff and regimental names already worked out...but never seeming to find the time to get the project rolling till recently. At one point a good friend of mine referred too this "project" of mine as "The Pink Unicorn" because he thought there was a better chance of seeing a pink unicorn than this army of guard I kept saying i had...

Progress these last few months has been good, with a large chunk of the army being primed and ready for paint. Here is a tank I've been working on...


This is a pretty simple paint scheme. Knarloc Green over a black base coat, devlin mud washed over the model, then a light drybrush of knarloc, followed by a very light drybrush of the menoth base white (i think that's the name) from the p3 paint line. Decals are applied at this point.

From there, dark brown paint of varying shades is worked around the track areas in a mud spray pattern as one would expect to see on an actual vehicle. Next, Pig Iron Metal (p3 version of bolt gun metal...very nice metal color imho) is applied to the guns barrels and plow, as well as certain areas of the tank where appropriate. A matt varnish is applied once everything is dried.

Finally, the weathering stage. Once the varnish is completely dry, brown colored pastels were shaved to a fine powder and worked in the the crack, crevices with an old paint brush and smeared around to give the effect of a very dusty tank. If you've seen the forgeworld weathering powders, this is a very similar process with good results without the high cost...($8 pastels vs $35 dollar forgeworld powders)...

Hope the 3-4 people who will see this post enjoy it...feel free too comment.


  1. What the hell you're photos look better than mine, and you don't even use a light box!

  2. Great weathering on your tanks, they look really good.

  3. Thank, it was an experiment for me to weather like this....glad it's turn out ok!

  4. The tanks look really good. The rust weathering looks especially good on the green base color!

  5. I guess that makes me 'Reader Number 4' then. I like what you've done here, matey: good work!

    When I grow up I too might start to try a bit more weathering...