Saturday, August 21, 2010

Games Day stuff....

Been roaming the forums a lil getting tidbits on what was said at Games Day..

First up....a cool video of the 40k mmo...

...Kinda reminds me of WoW...but the idea of playing a tech priest sounds cool..

In forgeworld news, they've announced that the next two Imperial Armour books will be on the Badab wars. Go here for some rather nice pics the new models. Rumored release of the first book is 27th of september. Also announced was that the 11th IA book will deal with Eldar and Spacewolves. I'm a huge fan of the IA books, and own all but the first one. They've all been truely incredible reads and fantastic sources of fluff. Again, can't wait!

More info to be found on dakka .

On the painting front...I've done nothing. Work for me in august is just dumb. Way too busy, not enough free time. Hopefully will break out some paints soon and mabey do a lil on a neat lil side project I've been thinking of trying for a bit....will have too see what the future holds.

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