Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Needs more Jerry Can!

So I was looking at the back end of the leman russ you see in the first post thinking "what can I stick in that stowage area?"...hate how open and bleh it looks. Was poking around the local hobbytown looking for something that would work, and came across these....


You get 18 cans for around $15. Scale is a lil off for GW minis, but too bad...


Left can comes from the gw vehicle spru, right one from the jerry can kit. There is writing on the can side, but that should be easily hidden with a lil green stuff and proper placement. They fit nicely in the stowage area and should add some nice detail to the tanks.


  1. Yes! Tanks should be festooned with gear & equipment and dirty, but you already have that covered!

    (pun intended)

  2. yep...I'm thinking that demolisher will be covered in crap once i'm done. Been picking up Military Modeler magazines lately getting ideas for packs and stowage.

    Tamyia makes a modern US stowage kit that looks like it could work...may order one soon.

  3. I'm fully a fan on vehicles covered in gear as you can see from my own.

    I have this set, and the barrels one too, and they are insanely useful for detailing :)