Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another slow week...

Yep, life been alil hairy this week....again....(tho there is one big ol' bright spot thanks too papa JJ...will devote a blog post too that lil bit of happiness very soon!!!). Was able too get a lil bit of model time in tho.....


Like alot of my post, this one isn't finished. I wanna work in some regimental decals...(a nice lil XIII somewhere would be nice)...will wait till I figure out what high lighting I want in there...


Purchased some Cadian upgrade bits from forgeworld a while those backpacks. Been working them into the army here and there. Makes for a nice lil splash of "different" when you take the time to look the army over.


The head is from the same kit...kinda like it. I'm thinking I'll tack on a helmet on the belt along with some pouches/grenades....sorta give him the look of being out in the field for an extended period...Will post more pics once I've gotten to that stage.

In other news, got a 2250pt turney in about a week. There is apparently no painting requirement....sorta. They aren't requiring you to have the army completely painted to play in the turney, but you will take the usual hit in the over all and best army category. Since I'm not worried about winning, I'll be taking the guard instead of my more complete painted chaos plague marines. Should be fun, but I'm struggling to flesh out the points for 2250. Gonna have too raid the bitz box this week and flesh out the platoons a lil.

well, thats all for now. Will post the big news..(thanks too papa JJ)...very soon...!!!

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  1. I'm really glad to have helped out a little this week. Those colors looks great on your regimental standard... very sharp! Best of luck to you at the tournament next week, too.