Saturday, July 3, 2010

First game with the guard...(edit - added pics at the end...)

The 13th hit the table last night for the first time. Unfortunately, no pics to be had. Forgot my camera, and can't figure out how to get the pics I did get with my phone transferred off the dumb thing...

Oh well, here is what I took.


Company command section-
Captain w/ powerfist
regimental standard
2 bodyguards

1st platoon

command section
lieutenant w/ powerfist
vox, 3 flamers

3 squads with grenade launchers and autocannons. 1 squad had a vox.

1 mortar squad

2nd platoon.

command section
lieutenant w/power weapon
vox, 3 grenade launchers

3 squads, each with vox, grenade launchers and autocannons

1 Mortar squad
1 las cannon squad

Leman Russ demolisher w/ sponson plasma cannons and las cannon

Leman Russ w/ sponson heavy bolters and las cannon

and lastly, a hell hound....tho I forgot about taking this and never used it the whole game.

My opponet was Da masta Cheef from over at the Da long wayz dezert groop blog . He played his traitor guard army...(standard guard army with lots of forgeworld traitor guard bits). I'm blanking on his exact army list, but I do remember it being light on infantry, with one hellhound, one banewolf, one russ and a basklisk..along with a couple chimeras.

Table was 4' x 6' city fight board with lots of terrain. Scenario was the objective one from the rulebook...(it's 8am brain isn't working yet...)...with 5 objectives on the board. Objectives were spread across the table nicely, with one about about 12"-13" in from each corner, and the 5th in the center of the table.

Cheef got the first turn, deployed across the table, with his vehicles in as much cover as possible and still providing good firing lines.

I deployed, from left to right, 2 squads from 2nd platoon in cover near the objective on that side of the table, along with 2nd platoon command section and a squad of mortars backing them up. The standard russ was deployed here as well, as it's longer range weapons could take advantage of the lighter cover this side of the table.

Center of the table had 1st platoon deployed as a single squad. Backing them up was the company command squad and the lascannon sqd, as this provided the best feild of fire to go after cheef's more centerally deployed basklisk and russ. 1st platoon's objective was to walk onto the center capture point and hold it as best they could with the fire bases in the corners providing supporting fire.

On my right, in the heavier terrain, was the 3rd squad, 2nd platoon in cover near that sides objective backed up by the Demolisher, 1st platoon's command squad and the last mortar squad.

Now I had planned on doing one of those fancy turn-by-turn battle reports...but like my camera, I forgot to take notes. Long sorry short, I won, tabling him on turn 7. Lost 1st platoon early too a bad moral check. Captain advanced thru midfield to contest the center objective, eventually getting into a nasty lil hand to hand combat vs Ceef's HQ. Corner object held there points nicely the whole game...tho sly marbo and a hellhound made a mess of the left flank for a while.

Was able to seize the initiative, which allowed me to take out the basklisk early, and suppress the other leman russ till I could kill it in the middle turns. Think it got one shot off, making a mess of one of 2nd platoons squads along the left flank. Mortars made a mess outta his infantry. Really liked how those preformed. Of all things tho, I had a hard time killing his hellhound...dumb thing just wouldn't die.

I made a few rule mistakes, and it took a bit to get use to the orders. I do like the order system tho, adds a nice lil twist to the army. Wasn't to impressed with the infantry squads. Basically, they were just bullet magnets all game holding objectives. Was expecting a lil more outta the autocannons..(a friggen shaken or stunned result woulda been nice)...but they did zip all game. Tanks preformed nicely, no complaints there.

If I were too change anything about this list, it would be to somehow work in a lil more long range anti-tank firepower.....mabey another lascannon sqd.

Well, thats it for now....will mabey post again the first of next week with pics of the sentinel scout walker I'm working on atm. Till then, o/...

Edit - Lil update...Cheef found pics of the fight friday night..


Cheef's army is in the forground...this is at the end of turn 1, and cheef has already lost the basklisks...


Cheef's deployment zone...


My deployment zone...

Hopefully, better pics will be ha nxt time.


  1. I just sent over some pics from my camera, they're...ok. I tried to salvage them in photoshop. Stupid camera, the only thing it seems to take decent photos of are point blank when mounted on the tripod, everything else looks abysmal!

  2. yeah, I got your email. may edit one in later today when i have time too look'm over. Was a fun game!