Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just a quicky this week....

I've had this set of forgeworld space wolf termies forever. Da masta chef gave them to me when I had a space puppy army back in college. Got bored this week and decided to finally get around to paint them.

I'd like to say, for the record, hate the powder blue space wolf paint scheme. Hate it. Can't make it work...and in all honesty, it just looks so wrong for a bunch of space Vikings to run around in pastels .

So, I tried something different. Went with a fortress grey base coat with a dry brush of codex grey. The shoulder emblems and chest marking were done Vallejo brassy balls ( i think ) and washed with Magic In A Bottle...aka: devlan mud. Leg joints and creases in the armor were washed with watered down badab black for shading.

Flesh on the head was an easy bleach bone with a wash of ogryn flesh wash. Now, I've done complicated flesh painting techniques in the past....but for me this is much easier and delivers good results.

Still a work in progress...but kinda nice. Will post more when I have them finished.


  1. Ya know, at this rate we'll be closing in on retirement when you get this squad all painted...

  2. That's why Rob and I investing in this stuff now, imagine how expensive this hobby will be when we're in our 70s?!

  3. Wooooh, it was really nice to have that as a collection. I can say that it's been a good thing you got bored for some time, with that you were able to paint it up. :D

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